How They Did It: Ultimate Media Room

Oct 03, 2014

This client wanted to create a high-tech environment where he could gather with family and friends. Above all, he wanted a multi-player gaming experience as well as the ability to watch movies with his kids.

CEDIA member Integrated Control Concepts of Omaha, Nebraska, created this multi-purpose media room, winning the Gold Technical Design award for Media Room as well as the Best Overall Media Room award in CEDIA’s 2014 Electronic Lifestyles® Awards competition.

2014 Media Room Gold

Technical Highlights:

To create a space that performed well for both movies and multi-player gaming, Integrated Control Concepts decided to go with an arrangement of flat-panel TVs as well as a projection system.

They started with a 75" Samsung flat-panel flanked by four 46" Samsung panels. Each of the five TVs has two dedicated Xbox consoles and its own satellite receiver. Each game console is hooked up online to Xbox Live. Users can set up a private game to allow each player to enjoy a full-screen experience while hanging out in the same room together.

When it’s time for an optimal movie experience, the Digital Projection dVision Scope projector warms up while a 12' wide Stewart Grayhawk screen descends from a pocket above. In order to distribute all of the sources to the six displays, Integrated Control Concepts incorporated an Atlona 16 x 16 HDMI matrix switch.

2014 Media Room Gold

The sound is pressurized into the space using an adequately sized 7.2 channel JBL Sysnthesis system. The four 15" drivers up front bring the dynamics of movie soundtracks to life.

Since this area is open to the rest of the lower level, Integrated Control Concepts had to account for the air space of the entire lower level to achieve the high-end results they were after. Acoustical panels were installed behind and beside the 42" tall left/right speakers.

2014 Media Room Gold

Control is available through three devices:

  • A dedicated AMX in-wall touchpanel is installed just outside the space. 
  • An iPad Mini is housed on a LaunchPort dock near the front of the room. 
  • A hand-held URC WiFi remote can be used for simple functionality. 

All control is accomplished through an AMX controller.

2014 Media Room Gold

Lighting design was an essential part of the project. Integrated Control Concepts used Lutron to run the basic lighting loads as well as motorized shades across the back wall. Two rows of Impact Lighting's RGB LED strips were used around the perimeter of the ceiling as well as up the sides of the columns to draw attention to architectural lines, and the clients can control the LED colors to match their mood. A starfield ceiling finishes out the lighting design.

2014 Media Room Gold


The existing space had to be expanded to accommodate the equipment across the front wall. Integrated Control Concepts extended the right side and the front of the room 6' each to gain some additional space.

Unfortunately, a support post that had been located in the corner of the old space was now set 6' into the room from both the front and the right side after the expansion. To achieve symmetry in the space, Integrated Control Concepts turned that post into a narrow column and added another in the same position to the left side of the room.

2014 Media Room Gold

Additionally, an unmovable beam running down the room from front to back required Integrated Control Concepts to offset the screen left of center by about 4'. They solved this problem by putting a storage closet in the front right corner and redesigning ceiling heights to draw the eye directly to the center of the screen space.

This put the left/right speakers the same distance from the side walls and created a two-tiered ceiling perfect for starscaping and LED highlights.


All displays were professionally calibrated to ISF standards using Sencore equipment. ISF day and ISF night modes were created and are available on all source material through all displays. Audio was calibrated using JBL's proprietary Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System (ARCOS).

2014 Media Room Gold

Project Partners:

Home Technology Professional
Integrated Control Concepts
Omaha, NE

Nick Pflanz Construction
Omaha, NE



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