Preparing for Advanced Home Networking

Oct 02, 2014

network securityAnother day, another major data security breach in the news.

As the hackers of the world get more sophisticated, retailers, financial institutions, and consumers are learning hard security lessons - on a very public stage.

And with the growing number of devices connected to the home network, the world of home automation is no stranger to data security threats. Simply saying "What are the chances my client's home network could be a target?" is no longer a sufficient strategy for delivering reliable and secure home networks.

Advanced networking skills are quickly becoming essential pieces of knowledge for home tech professionals. More customers will have integrated home networks, and unfortunately, hackers will learn how to break into them. Because so many devices can be on one system, hacking into a network gives criminals access to a home's motion detectors, cameras, wireless locks, phone system, personal data, and more.

Your clients want the benefits of networked systems, but they need networks that are properly configured for reliability and security. If you have to send them to your competition for that expertise, you lose out on business.

To be able to provide your clients the service and safety they need, take CEDIA's Advanced Networking & Systems Integration Boot Camp.

Why You Should Attend

CEDIA provides all the information you need in a classroom and hands-on training environment. You and your staff can learn to install, configure, and program multiple residential subsystems, such as A/V, HVAC, lighting, cameras, window shades and door locks to create an integrated automation platform.

Topics during the five-day event include advanced home networking with VLAN and QoS, wireless network design, control systems programming and many more. Activities in labs will be mixed in to the lectures, and will cover activities such as the setup and configuration of a commercial grade router and WAP that requires VLAN segmentation and QoS verification.

The amount of information and hands-on experience you'll gain from the boot camp will help you confidently manage any system you encounter.

Who Should Attend

The Advanced Networking & Systems Integration Boot Camp is for workers who have at least 18 months of experience as a home tech professional. Because the sessions will be fast-paced, it's recommended students interested participate in three of CEDIA's other classes before taking on this boot camp.

•    Networking Cabling Infrastructure (EST233)
•    IP for Technicians (EST243)
•    Wireless Network Technologies (EST253)

The Details

The next Advanced Networking & Systems Integration Boot Camp will be held Oct. 13–17, 2014 at the CEDIA Training Facility in Indianapolis.

Learn more and register now.



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