From the Archives: CEDIA EXPO 1994 in Dallas

Aug 25, 2014

Part of our look back at the first 25 years of CEDIA. See our earlier post on the first CEDIA EXPO.

Twenty years ago, CEDIA EXPO 1994 took on the theme of “Play to Win.” The fifth annual show drew a then-record crowd of 3,044 to interact with 158 exhibitors at the Dallas Infomart.

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CEDIA EXPO 1994 featured many memorable moments:

The notable CEDIA Texas BBQ hosted by longtime volunteer and current CEDIA Director member Bill Skaer:

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The announcement of Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Sam Runco:

Sam Runco and Eric Bodley
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And the CEDIA Awards Banquet hosted by no less than 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Frank White:

Frank White
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Take a look at the whole post-show CEDIA EXPO 1994 recap and look for more familiar faces in our December 1994 newsletter (PDF).

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  1. 4 Frank White 31 Aug
    Hey Dan Christians - the first tequila toast was 1996 under the Mitch Klein administration in Atlanta...the story behind it was Tom Dougherty, Billilyn Keller and I were in Atlanta for a pre-show visit and were sitting around the banquet room and Tom or I (I don't remember who) stated that we should do something way different at the banquet like to an industry shot....of course Billi felt that was a little far off the reservation but did not want to come off as opposed to it so she said "how will you pay for it?"....Both Tom and I were dialing Sam's cell in about 2 seconds, and about 30 seconds later we had a new tradition.
  2. 3 Vanja Thompson 28 Aug
    Wow! I love this!

    I didn't start attending CEDIA until 2002, but I love this history, and seeing the familiar faces!

    More, more, more! What fun!
  3. 2 Dan Christians 26 Aug

    Old Fort Dallas, and the Quad Stack of Runco projectors! I think this was the SpeakerCraft roll out party that year, maybe the  next year? Sam & Lori first year of tequila toasts? How will Bill Skaer top this one in Dallas 2015?


  4. 1 Hal Clark 25 Aug
    i remember that Old Fort Dallas event best of all! At first I thought that the whole place was owned by Bill and he was offering his entertainment venue to share amongst CEDIA  participants, and that integration company owner with that much money to buy a complete village for entertainment must be in an industry that prospers big-time!
    Events that bring people together to be themselves is simply the best way to build lasting relationships.



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