How to Nurture Long-Term Clients

Aug 19, 2014

greeting cardSo you've made the deal, installed the product, and received your payment. Now what?

The best way to keep clients happy is to stay in touch with them. But how do you stay in touch? What is the best plan for maintaining a long-term client relationship?

Here are a few points of advice:

Maintain the Appropriate Distance

You don't want to contact your former client too much, but at the same time, if you lose touch completely, they might have forgotten about what a great job you did. Take your cue from many real estate agents and send cards on birthdays or holidays. It's just a simple gesture that will keep you in the back of clients' minds.

You don't have to write, "Happy Thanksgiving; hope you love your home audio installation!" Just wish them a joyous holiday, and be done with it. Include your company contact info on the envelope, so they remember who you are.

Another way to keep in touch is to make a periodic follow-up call "just to see if everything is working okay." They can say, "Yeah, it's great!" And then you can ask any follow up questions you feel are necessary to ensure they are completely satisfied. Thank them for them time and hang up. If they need anything or have any questions, then present yourself as a relevant authority.

The goal is to be there as a potential resource, not to push extra sales; but often, this can be enough to ensure you remain the first company they think of when they ultimately do want to upgrade or add on.

Give Every Client the Best Service

No matter how much money your client spent, always treat everyone the same. That way, when the deal is over, they will feel that you did a great job and tell their friends about you. This is a great way to grow your business. Additionally, clients in the future may want extra work done, and if you did a great job the first time and they feel they received a good value for their investment, they'll be sure to come back.

If you do get work in your direction, be sure to thank the person who sent the work your way. This will help maintain the goodwill.

Personalize Your Brand

To personalize your brand, you have to be a person to your clients. This is a matter of good business when interacting with anyone, whether a client, someone you network with, or a supplier. It ultimately means finding ways to make the relationship into something personal, close to a professional friendship.

Again - don't over-sell yourself, but find ways to make yourself register in a client's mind as someone who has a real life outside of the job. Put up pictures that represent who you are outside the office, ask them how things are going, and have a sense of humor. The point is that people who think of you as a person instead of a service are more likely to do business with you in the future.

So present yourself as your friendly neighborhood home theater installer - someone who donates to local charities, shows up at important events, and makes an impact on the community. Top it off with friendly cards and a follow-up call, along with great service, and you're certain to get repeat business, along with the new business those clients send your way.

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