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May 01, 2014

CEDIA TrainingLast year, CEDIA launched an extensive new Resource Library stocked with online learning, tools, templates, videos, and more, all designed to help you get the training you need without leaving your desk.

Each month since, we’ve unveiled additional resources to keep the content fresh and up-to-date.

What’s new for the month of May? We're released over a dozen resources covering all things video.

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Interactive Lessons

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3D Basics

How does 3D Work? In this lesson you will become familiar with how the illusion of 3D is viewed, the differences between active and passive 3D, and 3D formats.

Video Calibration Metrics

How do you determine what a good video calibration looks like?  In this lesson, you will gain an understanding for the various video metrics characteristics; dynamic range, color saturation, color accuracy, and resolution.

Basic Video Calibration (How to Calibrate Video Displays)

It is imperative that all video displays be calibrated out of the box to ensure they deliver the best possible performance.  This lesson outlines the five steps of basic video display calibration.

Video Display Technologies

This is an introduction into the three types of display mediums used in home environments; front direct view, front projection, and rear projection.  The lesson outlines the pros and cons for each of these display mediums.

Aspect Ratios

This is an introduction into the different aspect ratios used in display technology; standard definition, high definition, and cinema scope. This lesson will also cover the topic on anamorphic lens technology.

Video Lessons

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  • Video Formats: 4K & The Future: CEDIA’s Dave Pedigo gives us the low-down on 4K and a peek at the future of display technology.
  • The Importance of Design: Client communication should be focused on design rather than sales, says Rich Green.
  • Video Calibration: Gregg Loewen touches on the history and basics of video calibration.
  • The Purpose of Video Calibration: Gregg Loewen underlines the purpose of video calibration as an effort of replication rather than recreation.
  • 60 FPS: David Meyer discusses refresh rates and the reasoning behind using 60 fps.

Reference Documents

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CEA/CEDIA CEB-22 Application Notes

This PDF is a brief summary of the key points found in CEA/CEDIA CEB-22 Home Theater Recommended Practices – Audio Design. It serves as a quick reference for designers as they strive to meet the performance goals set out in the larger document. It focuses on the surround sound system, room modes, and acoustical treatment.

CEA/CEDIA CEB-23 Vertical Viewing Angle Diagram

This is a convenient reference for installers, designers, and clients to quickly reference recommended vertical viewing angles.

Standards and Recommended Practices

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ANSI/CEA/CEDIA-897: F-Connector Color Coding for the Home

This Standard defines the colors for marking F-Connectors commonly used for electronic devices in a home television system. This document was created to provide a level of consistency in the home electronics industry by providing guidelines for industry manufacturers.

CEA/CEB 23-A: Home Theater Recommended Practices: Video Design

This recommended pracrice outlines a standardized approach to theater installation and performance objectives outlines with recommendations for the design of high performance video in home theaters that meet or exceed the commercial experience.



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