Hey You! You’re Great!

Apr 28, 2014

Hey you, sitting in front of your computer screen or eyes on your phone – you’re great! Really! You do awesome work, we’re proud of you, and the industry is lucky to have you.

We all know how good it feels to get compliments. And not just the generic ones, but real compliments about your work – or dare we say your passions. Those types of compliments speak volumes. And who does not love a little encouragement now and then?

This industry is full of people who are doing amazing work. There are the innovators, who’ve forged an important path for the rest of us. There are the future leaders that bring the energy, passion, and enthusiasm that is completely contagious. And there are those industry figures that’ve been around so long we hardly know what it’s like without them around.

I’m sure as we’ve described each of those types, there was at least one person that came to your mind that fits one of those categories. You have a unique opportunity to recognize their achievements, to thank them, to pay them a genuine compliment: You can nominate them for a CEDIA recognition award.

This year we have a new award to introduce.

Young Professional of the Year

This new CEDIA recognition award was designed to celebrate a young professional who is making an impact on the home technology industry. This award is open to any individual from a CEDIA member company who is under the age of 40. Know someone who fits this criteria? Nominate them!

The Lifetime Achievement Award is another way to recognize your peers, mentors, or others who inspire you.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated innovative and visionary leadership in the residential electronic systems industry.

Past recipients include some of the industry’s most brilliant entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, and leaders. View the full list of past recipients. Know someone who needs to be included in this list of recipients? Nominate them!

We all know how good it feels to be recognized, whether it’s a thank-you from a client or a co-worker bragging about you to your boss. Pay someone you know a truly great compliment by nominating them for recognition throughout the industry!


Learn more about all of CEDIA's awards and recognition opportunities.



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