Ensuring Your Success by Making Your Trade Partners Look Good

Jay Rollie
Mar 24, 2014

blueprintsFor both homebuilders and remodelers, success heavily depends upon referrals from satisfied customers. And as a home technology professional, your business benefits from referrals by satisfied builders and remodelers.

This means that it is in your best interest to contribute to your trade partners’ success by doing your part to ensure customer satisfaction.

Home technology professionals can play a huge role in making customers happy with their investment and in helping to drive more customers to builders’ and remodelers’ businesses. The contributions of a home technology professional come in two different forms:  service to builders and remodelers, and service to homeowners.

Builder and Remodeler Services

Planning: When training new Beam product dealers, we stress the importance of helping builders and remodelers plan the ideal location and installation of their central vacuum, home automation, and other technology systems. We can identify where to locate key components and how to install them so the homeowner has the best possible user experience. This also assures that the required parts are in place when installation begins so other work at the job site can be completed on schedule.   

Showroom Services: With hundreds of products involved in new home construction or major remodels, a builder or remodeler can’t be expected to have all the answers about product features. Nor does either professional have the space to allow buyers to test every home technology product that could be installed in their homes. So, we encourage technology integrators to help the homeowner do this. A dealer showroom can be an ideal place for customers to examine central vacuum, security, and home automation systems and to test the equipment. 

Model Home: Many Beam product dealers have an attractive model home program that provides for installation of a complete system in the model home (this typically is based upon the number of systems a builder or remodeler installs in a given time period). Showing the prospective buyer what technologies are available allows the builder and remodeler to have a leg up on competitors. 

Homeowner Services

Homeowner service is the area in which stellar customer service pays big dividends for builders and remodelers, and for their custom technology installation partners, too. 

Consumer Education: This starts with the showroom services described above. For many dealers, the customer service process continues even after the sale. When installing dealers set up appointments with homeowners to show them how to get the best user experience with their electronics systems, builders and remodelers benefit from the elimination of unnecessary callbacks. 

Maintenance Services: A well-timed dealer call to the homeowner just before manufacturers’ warranties expire can go a long way toward keeping homeowners happy. Finding and fixing a potential problem before it becomes expensive is like getting a flu shot before winter sets in.

Assuring your customers’ satisfaction is an excellent investment in your relationships with your trade partners – an investment that will pay off in more referrals for your business. So, spend some time with your builder and remodeler partners to create a strategy that works for both your business and theirs. I guarantee it will be time well spent.

Jay Rollie is the National Manager Business Development, Beam, Electrolux North America, and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Custom Home Builders Technology Working Group.



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