When Hearing it Through the Grapevine Isn’t Enough

Olivia Sellke
Mar 17, 2014

We've all heard things through the grapevine that are less than accurate. It’s not much different than that old-fashioned game of telephone we played as kids.

“I’m going to see the Easter Bunny at the mall” somehow translated into “I’ve got an adopted bunny named Paul”. Though a piece of the original content is there, the meaning is lost completely.

There may be topics in this industry that you feel like you’ve played a game of telephone with. You thought you heard something, but it does not make total sense out of context.

We hope to demystify those topics for you so you can make the appropriate decisions for your business. Whether it’s discussing the ins and outs of recurring revenue, learning troubleshooting best practices, or, yes, even HDMI!

Last month, we made some new HDMI tools and resources available in the content library. Here are some of the highlights:

Reference Document: HDMI Boot Sequence Chart 

This chart provides a visual overview of what takes place between a source device (such as a Blu-ray player) and a sink device (such as an HDTV) during an HDMI boot sequence.

Video Lesson: HDMI Testing: Eye Diagrams Explained

CEDIA's Dave Pedigo begins the HDMI testing conversation by introducing eye diagrams. Want more? We teach similar content in CEDIA courses EST056 and EST370.

Interactive Lesson: HDMI Initiation/Connection Sequence

This lesson introduces the HDMI connection sequence. It features a discussion of handshaking as well as connection sequence terminology with an example on how to run a test for connection sequence problems.

All of these resources are excellent and have been hailed as extremely helpful, but something that has not been widely covered (at least not since CEDIA EXPO) is HDMI 2.0. What does it all mean? Don’t risk another game of telephone when you can hear all about HDMI 2.0 straight from the source.

Join HDMI President Steve Venuti, HDMI Technical Specification Manager Jeff Park, and CEDIA Technology Council Chair Michael Heiss for an hour-long webinar detailing the ins and outs of the specification. 

This free industry-wide webinar will contain two segments: an overview of the newly announced HDMI 2.0 specification, and a moderated talk led by Michael Heiss regarding its effect on the custom installation industry.  Time permitting, Steve and Jeff will also answer questions.

Have a question you’re just dying to ask? Send it in advance to hdmiwebinar@cedia.org.

Don’t wait to hear it through the grapevine – mark your calendar for this emerging trends webinar coming up this Thursday!

HDMI 2.0, a Look into the Standard
Thursday, March 20 at 2:00 EST




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