How They Did It: The Luxury Survival Condo

Mar 10, 2014

The Luxury Survival Condo is an engineering marvel designed for comfortable long-term survival in a former Atlas missile silo. It offers spacious condos with 5-star amenities that are underground and encompassed by walls that are 2.5 – 9 feet thick. The silo extends 200 feet into the earth. 

CEDIA member Logic Integration of Lone Tree, Colo., was chosen to design and deliver the technology systems in the Luxury Survival Condo. Their work on the security, entertainment, and control solutions in this massive silo earned them the Silver Technical Design award for Special Project in CEDIA’s 2013 Electronic Lifestyles® Awards competition.

Luxury Survival Condo

Project Scope:

The developer’s objective for the Luxury Survival Condo was to create a facility that is prepared to survive a variety of potentially catastrophic threats. This includes physical protection, redundant infrastructure for power, water, air, and food, and technologies for extended off-grid survival. 

The Luxury Survival Condo features a complete design-and-build AV system that incorporates the latest technology in a mission-critical residential environment. The objective for this project was to deliver control and integration for each private and public area of the facility, including: 

  • 4 full-floor residences 
  • 6 half-floor residences 
  • 4 guest rooms 
  • 17-seat theater 
  • Indoor pool 
  • Courtyard
  • Rock-climbing room 
  • Exercise rooms 
  • Billiard room 
  • Arcade room 
  • Salon 
  • Conference room 
  • Security command center 
  • Security holding cell 
  • Indoor shooting range 
  • Medical and dental rooms 
  • Library 
  • Classroom 
  • Hydroponics floors 
  • Marketplace

Luxury Survival Condo

The facility contains both private residences and community areas. The residences come in six different technology configurations, with full-floor and half-floor options. These residences offer control via on-wall touch panels, handheld wireless remotes, and iPads. 

iPad Control in Luxury Survival Condo

 The common areas each have unique functionality supporting entertainment, communications, security, infrastructure, and survival. Technology has been incorporated into each of these spaces to deliver a reliable experience for control and integration. 

Technical Highlights:

The Luxury Survival Condo includes the following system features:

  • Centralized control 
  • Distributed video 
  • Distributed audio
  • Core-3 touch panel 
  • iPad integration 
  • Lighting control system 
  • Intercom system 
  • Custom GUI design 
  • Custom programming 
  • Surveillance system 
  • Centralized movie server 
  • 17-seat theater with 7.1 surround-sound

Custom theater in Luxury Survival Condo

What Makes It “Special”:

The Luxury Survival Condo has received international attention for its unique vision, scope, and scale. This unique installation required exceptional design, planning, and installation skills to meet the multi-functional system requirements. 

The overall mission of the Luxury Survival Condo impacted every part of the technology system. Logic Integration delivered technology solutions that demanded both life-sustaining functionality and a luxury lifestyle experience. The expansive tech systems must operate off-grid if there is a catastrophic event. 

Residence in Luxury Survival Condo


Check out this video tour from Logic Integration:

Project Partners:

TLC Engineering
Cocoa, FL 
(321) 636-0274

LAH Cubed
Melbourne, FL



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