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Feb 18, 2014

CEDIA TrainingJust two short months ago, we launched an all-new CEDIA.net packed with resources, tools, and training designed to help you build your skills from the comfort of your home or office.

We also promised to keep bringing you more timely and relevant training offerings on a regular basis, and we’ve recently rolled out some additions and updates. So if you haven’t logged in to CEDIA.net recently, here’s what you’re missing out on.

Guides & Publications

Reference Document: HDMI Boot Sequence Chart

This chart provides a visual overview of what takes place between a source device (such as a Blu-ray player) and a sink device (such as an HDTV) during an HDMI boot sequence.

Reference Document: HDMI Connector Pinout Diagram

This quick reference document labels the pinouts on a HDMI connector.

Interactive Lessons


This lesson takes a look at how HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) works with HDMI.


This lesson offers an overview of the data format EDID (Extended Display Identification Data).  Explore the purpose of EDID, how to read EDID data, and errors that may arise with EDID.

HDMI Initiation/Connection Sequence

This lesson introduces the HDMI connection sequence. It features a discussion of handshaking as well as connection sequence terminology with an example on how to run a test for Connection Sequence Problems.

HDMI Introduction

This lesson introduces the topic of HDMI, including a discussion of history, standards, connectors, and guidelines.

Analog Sunset

This lesson examines the Analog Sunset, the phases leading to the shut-down, and the development of new device upgrades and retrofits.


The following eCourses have been revised to replace the earlier versions.

ESCR121-12: Marketing 101: The Fundamentals of Marketing & Branding

Better market your business by learning how to create a compelling brand that will form the foundation for future success.

ESPM101-15: Introduction to Project Management

Learn the basics of project management along with the best practices as defined by the Project Management Institute.

Video Lessons

Browse these short video excerpts from full-length CEDIA Training courses delivered by expert instructors, including these featured Video Lessons.

HDMI Anatomy: Composition of a TMDS Channel

CEDIA's Dave Pedigo dives headlong into TMDS channels during the 2012 Electronic House Expo. Want more? We teach similar content in CEDIA courses EST056 and EST370.

HDMI Testing: Eye Diagrams Explained

CEDIA's Dave Pedigo begins the HDMI testing conversation by introducing eye diagrams (Electronic House Expo, 2012). Want more? We teach similar content in CEDIA courses EST056 and EST370.

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