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Feb 10, 2014

Home NetworkWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: In order to securely deliver the conveniences of today’s technologies to clients, home technology professionals must be able to design, install, configure, and maintain a high-quality home network.

Nearly every device in the home is becoming part of the residential network, and these devices are creating increased demand for network speed and reliability.

To help you and your team prepare for this demand, CEDIA will deliver an all-day networking workshop Thursday, February 20 at WAVE Electronics in Dania Beach, Fla. (near Fort Lauderdale). This training is part of the CEDIA pathway to mastering the network and earning the CEDIA Residential Networking Specialist Credential.

The day will begin with a three-hour Intermediate Networking course, which will cover topics such as advanced networking terminology, VPN applications and requirements, and network segmentation. The afternoon will feature a three-hour Advanced Wireless Networking course, which will focus on topics such as wireless spectrum site surveys, differences in design between 802.11n and other 802.11x technologies, and how to identify and correct wireless performance issues.

Who Should Attend?

Students should have a working knowledge of home networking fundamentals, including:
  • Industry standards
  • General technician roles and responsibilities
  • Cabling and infrastructure
  • Equipment mounting
  • Audio/video systems setup and calibration
  • Fundamentals of security systems
  • Fundamentals of IT/Networking
  • Fundamentals of wireless networks

Need to brush up? We strongly recommend taking the following home networking classes prior to attending this workshop:

Don’t leave your clients vulnerable to the performance issues that plague weak and unsecure home networks. Learn more about the Networking Full Day Workshop at WAVE Electronics and register now.

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  1. 1 Bob Lewis 10 Feb
    The more the better !!!



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