Our Top 10 Stories of 2013

Dec 23, 2013

Top 10As the year winds to a close, we are looking back at the stories from the CEDIA blog and 5-Minute Download e-newsletter that interested you the most in 2013.

There was much to choose from, including the insights of the 2013 #CEDIATweeps social media team and many business and tips pieces that captured your interest.

Naturally, the most-read stories were those focused on what you need to know to be better at what you do, now and in the future. So without further ado, here are the year’s top ten.

1. Little-Known Installation Risk Can Mean Big Problems

CEDIA’s Nick McLain brought us the heads-up on potential damage that can result when network cable bundles come into prolonged contact with PVC and CPVC. Read about how these problems arise and how proper installation practices can alleviate the issue in the full post here.

2. 802.11ac on the Horizon; Will You Be Ready?

After CES 2013, Nick McLain examined the high-throughput networking standard of 802.11ac and what affect it will have on CEDIA member companies. Read more.

3. Wireless Speakers: 5 Points You Need to Know

To help home technology professionals and the rest of the industry understand what is on the horizon for wireless speakers, CEDIA asked James Venable, President of WiSA, LLC, for the five points that everyone must know about wireless speaker technology. Plus, check out our follow-up post, Don’t Call It A Comeback.

4. Are New Mass-Market Home Automation Systems a Threat?

Home automation, a staple in the CEDIA channel for years, looks like it’s becoming mainstream, with some big names entering the fray. What has enabled this recent mass-market trend? And does it threaten the CEDIA channel? CEDIA’s Nick McLain talks to industry pros and experts to understand the pros and cons.

5. 45% of Home Technology Professionals Are Offering It…Are You?

Did you know 45 percent of home technology professionals within our industry are offering one thing to help their business’s stability and profits? You can bet this includes some of your competitors, too. So what’s the formula? Learn more about navigating the world of recurring revenue.

6. Heads-Up: Are You Photoshop-ing Your Way Into a Lawsuit?

CEDIA Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer Don Gilpin looks at the recent Hollywood lawsuits targeting home tech firms and suggests a way to avoid unwanted legal attention. Read more.

7. It’s Time to Take Smaller Projects Seriously

So many of the images that are used to represent our industry are of very high-end projects. The kind of projects everyone dreams of, but few actually get to do. CEDIA Director of Technical Training Jeff Gardner looks at how to make smaller projects the backbone of your business by learning how to meet the unique challenges they present.

8. Lessons from Mad Men: How to Keep the “Peggy Olsons” on Your Team

It’s a common problem that hits all industries globally – star employees being lured away by better opportunities. Have you had this happen? Do you worry about it? CEDIA Marketing Manager Erin Couch looks at employee retention strategies.

9. What’s Your Project Management System?

Do you currently use project management software? Do you manage to handle all your project communication by email? Or do you get things done by stitching together a few different tools – calendar here, email there, and a couple of spreadsheets? Hear what some of your peers are using and get tips on choosing a system that works for you.

10. HEVC Codec Could Be a Game Changer in the Video Realm

The H.265, or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), standard was approved in January. With double the compression capability of its predecessor, HEVC should only need half as many bits per second of video content to provide an equal level of video quality. CEDIA’s Nick McLain looks at what this may mean for the home tech industry.



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