This Launch Is Going to Be HUGE

Dec 09, 2013

It’s been in the works for more than two years.

It WILL become your go-to resource for everything. Training, research, reports, forums, blogs, whitepapers (and so much more). If you need something…you can find it here.

Tighten up your laces, because starting December 16; you will be on to the fast track of knowledge with THE strongest industry tool right at your fingertips.

Content, training, research, and certification…find it on cedia.net.

Home technology professionals have asked for a central hub to find online learning, accessible training, business tools and templates, and research to help guide business. Guess what, we delivered.

Robust in content and tools yet easy-to-navigate and search, this new site packs a lot of punch and it will be available to the industry on December 16th.

CEDIA.net sneak peek

Gone are the days of trying to find your CEDIA information. CEDIA.net hosts a unique “My CEDIA” section where you can house all of your downloads, order, training, and transcript details.

CEDIA members will also get instant access to all of their exclusive CEDIA benefits and discounts in one central area.

Want to know where you fall in training? The “My Training” area will keep track of all your completed and in-track courses. You can even submit for CEUs just by filling out an online form.

Keeping track of the CEDIA events you attended just got easier. The “My Event” section houses all face-to-face trainings and events you are registered for so you don’t have to.

Want to dive even deeper? Check out this sneak peek.

Resources – your catalog for training tools and documents

With the new cedia.net, it will be even more convenient to find the resources you need to help make your job even easier. Whether you are searching for the latest CEDIA whitepaper or need to find specific training courseware, the Resources area will allow you to search by specific products when you need it.

Featuring templates to help with business and technical efficiencies to whitepapers, research reports, guides, and publications, the Resource section will give you what you need easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Are you a CEDIA member? The majority of this content is complimentary to you.

CEDIA Training…24/7/365

Searching for the next CEDIA Boot Camp? Want to sign up for an upcoming Connect with CEDIA event? All you have to do is check the Events and Training catalog to learn more about upcoming events and register.

Easy access to industry professionals and CEDIA news

CEDIA.net’s dashboard will be the central source for important CEDIA announcements and will host quick links to high priority areas that will connect you with other industry professionals and CEDIA members.

From discussion forums, news articles to our events calendar, the dashboard will be your personal “quick links” section to serve you up what you need…when you need.

First-time log-in details:

1)   Select login/sign up in the top right corner of the home page.

2)   Enter your CEDIA username. (If you don’t have one, create a new account).

3)   Enter the password: Cedia123

All CEDIA passwords have been reset to the above default password for security reasons. The first time you log-in to cedia.net you will be prompted to change your password.



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