Method to the Madness: The Future of Design Documents

Dec 09, 2013

House planEstablished standards are an essential component of any successful design or technical project. Standards create uniformity and clarity within any given project as well as from one project to the next.

One area in which our industry is due for a new set of established standards is in design documentation. A universal set of symbols to use in design drawings may seem like a simple thing, but these icons are extremely valuable for clear communication across all teams on an electronic systems installation project.

That’s why CEDIA has partnered with CEA and InfoComm to develop a standardized set of architectural symbols for audio, video, and control systems, along with associated technologies such as environmental control and communication networks.

Years in the making, this uniform set of symbols is designed to get electronic systems designers and their project partners singing from the same hymnal. Currently out for ANSI approval, the standard, J-STD-710, is a set of simple and recognizable shapes that are compatible with other trades’ symbols.

The new standard features an innovative and versatile symbol architecture which allows for any past, present, or emerging technology to be easily and clearly documented. The symbols are designed for use in residential and commercial applications, and beyond.

So, what do these new symbols look like? How will they affect “business as usual” and design documentation going forward? Join Dave Tkachuk of Symbol Logic (a primary contributor to J-STD-710) as he gives a sneak peek into this new standard. The recent webinar outlining the forthcoming standards – Sneak Peek: J-STD-710 (Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols) and the Future of Design Documentation – was recorded and can now be found here (free).

This standard is guaranteed to revolutionize the way design documentation is presented in the future. Check out the webinar today for a preview of the standard symbols you’ll be using for years to come.



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