Let Us Be Your 12th Man

Olivia Sellke
Dec 09, 2013

FootballNow, I’m not going to claim to know much about sports, especially football. However, this season, I have had my first experiences of going to watch the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

I’ve watched my fair share of games at home with friends, but let’s be honest: I was mostly interested in the food and socializing and less about the game.  But being in a stadium and seeing the action live demands your full attention. And since I was paying attention, I was introduced to a new (to me) football term: the “12th man” (a term for the team’s fans).

For those of you who don’t know (and I’m sure everyone does), football allows a maximum of eleven players per team on the playing field at a time. It’s the job of the “12th man” to give the team the extra boost they need to win the game.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, it got me thinking about CEDIA and our role for your company. Part of CEDIA’s mission is to be a core component of our members’ success. We want to be your 12th man, helping your team along to victory after victory in some small way.

We work year-round looking out for your business’ best interests, from tracking and lobbying on harmful legislation, to negotiating new member discounts on services you need and use, to developing cutting-edge training, and so much more.

Renew your CEDIA membership or join today and let us be your 12th man. We’ll do more than cheer you on from CEDIA Headquarters. We will provide your business with valuable resources to keep your profits healthy, your staff trained, and your business growing.

For a full break-down of benefits CEDIA offers members, visit the member benefits page.

Olivia Sellke is CEDIA's Communications Manager. She can be reached at osellke@cedia.org.



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