Day Two Observations - CEDIA Training Keeps the Positive Momentum Going

Nick McLain
Sep 27, 2013

People are yearnin’ for some learnin’. As I wrote in my blog post from Day One, my colleagues at CEDIA Training and the instructors working in tandem with them keep kicking butt and taking names. The most recent numbers I’ve received bear out what I’ve seen:
  • A more than 54 percent increase in class registrations over last year
  • More than 6,300 CEDIA Training attendees (thus far)
  • Sold out 22 classes
  • Average of 59 students per class in 108 total sessions
Our attendees are craving the knowledge our exceptional instructors dispense in spades. I wanted to take in a few classes Thursday before hitting the tradeshow floor as much as possible Friday. First on the agenda was the Eminent One, Rich Green of Rich Green Design, with his class on future technologies.

He was adamant that CEDIA’s home technology professionals offer enterprise-grade networking equipment to customers to ensure the most seamless, consistent, and adaptable experience. “If you’re not designing or installing serious networks, you’re not in business,” Green said.

From there, I dropped in on the HDMI 2.0 class, with Jeff Park of HDMI, LLC, and Michael Heiss, who informed attendees about the recently announced standard bearer. Along with allowing for an increase to 18 gigabits per second of bandwidth, it can accommodate 4K video content at 50/60Hz and allows up to 32 audio channels, along with multi-stream audio and dual viewing on single screen.

While many of the new HDMI 2.0 features do not require the purchase of new cables, those trying to deliver content with greater bandwidth demands, like 4K or 3D, will likely need to purchase new HDMI 2.0 cables.

Finally, I sat in for the presentation by Gene Marks, entitled “Your Business, Your Future: Trends That Will Affect Business In 2014 (And Beyond).” When we hear terms like “deficits,” “the Fed,” “inflation,” or “sequestration,” it’s easy to wonder how it directly affects you. Marks addressed that head-on.

He spoke at length about the issues that we’re facing as a country. Despite the optimism coming from the improved economy of late, Marks believes it may be short-lived, as the increasing national debt, combined with both political parties’ inability to solve our deficit crisis, will likely lead to increased taxes, higher interest rates and inflation, and a weaker dollar. Although Marks’ news could be a bit of a buzzkill, he repeatedly emphasized a lesson he learned from his father: “True leaders are always thinking ahead.”

For the savvy business owner, it doesn’t help to be a constant Negative Nancy or a Pollyanna; rather, it’s best to look at the future as a realist.



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