A New Way to the Fountain of Knowledge

Nick McLain
Aug 05, 2013

The old school and the new school are coming together. CEDIA is happy to announce that sections of its respected Technical Reference Manual are now available in digital form. On Amazon, you can find 16 chapters of the TRM, on topics ranging from home networking to control to customer relations.

And it can easily be brought into the field with you if necessary. According to Matt Oelker, CEDIA’s Education Content Developer, the digital TRM chapters can be read on Android phone/table, iPad, iPhone, Max, Windows 8 PC/tablet, Blackberry or Windows phone. “If you have a mobile device, chances are it can support the TRM digital chapters,” he says.

The impetus for the digital offering, Oelker says, is flexibility. “It’s not always feasible, nor viable, to obtain the manual as a whole — often times, only a few topics may be needed as supplementary knowledge to a course or a particular work task,” he says. “This allows the digestion of content to cater to individual needs, and it’s simple, cost effective and fun.”

Prices vary depending on the chapter length, and every chapter comes with bonus appendix content and/or a job task analysis (JTA) of a related CEDIA certification.

This digital edition includes the updates made last year in the TRM’s second edition. Jeff Gardner, CEDIA Director of Technical Training, says the newest volume has a wealth of new material relating to audio/video, troubleshooting and HDMI. “The TRM is pretty much a ‘must have’ for any company installing residential electronics,” he says. “It’s also a great resource for technicians and designers seeking CEDIA certification.”

These digital chapters are currently available for purchase to the general public via Amazon. Due to Amazon's functionality, there is not a way to distinguish a member vs. non-member rate. CEDIA is working on a members-only alternative, which should come out later this year.

 Visit cedia.net/TRM to check out the digital TRM chapters today!



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