Creating Your Next Business Plan…on a Cocktail Napkin

Jul 22, 2013

A lot of important ideas started by a simple scribble on a napkin.

In fact, Southwest Airlines was started from notes and ideas jotted down on a cocktail napkin. And guess what? The basis of trickle down economics was written on a wine stained napkin by Arthur Laffer (professor of business economics at USC) as he grabbed a drink with his friend Donald Rumsfeld (then an advisor to President Gerald Ford) one night in D.C.

Kind of makes you wonder what a good conversation over a few beers can amount to? Maybe it can be an idea that solves a deep-rooted business problem. Maybe it’s learning about a new product you can provide to your clients. The possibilities are endless to what you can place on your own cocktail napkin.

All you need is the opportunity.

And CEDIA is providing many upcoming events that will sit you down with industry peers in your area to talk shop. Connect with CEDIA events are designed to help you chat business over beers. They are focused on helping you understand the upcoming trends that will affect your business and bottom line. Connect with CEDIA events are the perfect opportunity to get your next “big idea” down on a cocktail napkin.

So, are you curious to see when CEDIA will be coming to your area next? Check out our Connect with CEDIA schedule and be sure to sign up for an event in your area.

You never know what ideas will come out of it.



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