Money-Saving Tips from the #CEDIATweeps

Olivia Sellke
Jul 08, 2013

We’ve asked our #CEDIATweeps for their best money-saving tips for CEDIA EXPO. Find out what they think will save you some green. See also:
  • Stretching Your Trade Show Travel Dollars, by Ric Johnson
  • Your Plan for CEDIA on the Cheaps, by John Sciacca

Terry Coffey

I have decided not to take John Sciacca’s advice for saving money on beverages at CEDIA. Instead, I’ve discussed it with Draper colleagues who are show veterans, and here’s what we came up with:
  • Use an airport shuttle instead of a taxi.
  • For coffee and WiFi, hit the CEDIA hospitality booth.
  • Skip the taxis and take a bus or light rail.
  • Take a short stroll for cheaper and better meals
  • Take a short stroll for free WiFi
  • Empty bottle of water? Free refills at drinking fountains.
  • Forget something? 16th St. has a TJ Maxx with great prices.

Todd Puma @toddanthonypuma

The best tip that I can suggest is to be proactive. CEDIA offers some great discounted prices for early registration as well as purchasing your passes earlier on. I know that I want my team members to make the most of the trainings offered at CEDIA and by purchasing my Training Passes early, I save almost $250.

Rebecca Swink

I know others will have some big money-saver ideas, but mine comes in a smaller package: a shoe box, in fact. I highly recommend investing in a comfortable pair of flats. A good pair will last a couple years AND save you in future podiatry bills. A short-term investment for a long-term payoff.

John Sciacca

Share a room with someone. You will barely spend any time in the room, so sharing will halve your rooming costs. Also, pick a hotel that is on the tram circuit so you can get free transport to/from the Convention Center!


What are YOUR money-saving tips? Follow the members of the #CEDIATweeps Team and they can help you save even more with a code for free CEDIA EXPO registration.



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