Are You Leaving Your Customers' Networks Vulnerable?

Holly Keller
Jul 01, 2013

Remember the days when Macs were effectively safe from viruses because hackers were only interested in wreaking havoc on the more dominant Windows-based PCs? Those days, of course, are behind us, as Macs have become more common and thus more appealing to hackers.

CEDIA volunteer Bjorn Jensen, founder of WhyReboot, suggests that the home automation systems of today are the Macs of yesteryear – the systems are so far only safe from intruders because they’re not yet being targeted.

But as home automation rises in consumer awareness, it becomes a more attractive target for hackers. The onus is increasingly on home tech professionals to provide their clients with sufficient network security.

We recently talked with Bjorn to understand more about why network security is becoming an essential skill for home technology professionals, and here’s what he had to say:

Bjorn Jensen Discusses Network Security & Home Automation


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