Wireless Speakers: 5 Points You Need to Know

Mar 18, 2013

Speaker“What about wireless speakers?”

With the popularity of all things wireless, most home technology professionals have come across this question at some point in their career. Up until recently, there really wasn’t much to say about wireless speakers.

That has all changed.
In order to help home technology professionals and the rest of the industry understand what is on the horizon for wireless speakers, CEDIA asked James Venable, President of WiSA, LLC to give five points that everyone must know about wireless speaker technology.

CEDIA: What does the industry need to know right know about wireless speakers?

 JV: For the first time ever, speakers are able to emit 24bit, up to 96Khz, of uncompressed audio with interference and no latency, ultimately improving the user experience.

CEDIA: How can this technology prove to be profitable for business?

JV: Wireless speakers open up a potentially large market that has shunned surround sound audio because of the need for installing the speaker’s wires. With wireless speakers this is eliminated. As more home technology professionals work on retrofit projects, wireless speakers will also pose a great opportunity for the upsell for installing and calibrating. Also, since wireless speakers are easier to set up, the home technology professional will be able to handle more installs in a short period of time with no-call backs due to poor audio quality of wireless speakers.

CEDIA: Do wireless speakers post a threat to a home technology professionals business, especially as more consumers try to install and calibrate them on their own?

JV: There is a certain segment of the market that always needs and wants their systems installed regardless of how easy it is to do, that segment will always call on the home technology professional to help. However, with all things, there are those of the DIY persuasion who will always do the install on their own, without the aid of a home technology professional.

CEDIA: Give one fact that isn’t commonly known about wireless speaker technology.

JV: There is a unique unlicensed radio frequency that lends itself perfectly for audio transmission that is NOT used for WiFi products or for data intensive computer transmission.

CEDIA: There is a free CEDIA Emerging Trends webinar coming up at the end of this month covering the business and market of wireless speakers.
Why should someone attend?

JV: Finally there is an answer to the questions home technology professionals’ clients keep asking them: “what about wireless speakers?” This webinar is will go into detail about the market of the technology and how their business can profit from it. In April, we will revisit the topic of wireless speakers with CEDIA and dive in deeper on how new advances in wireless speaker technology will add to a client’s user experience.

Learn how you can profit from new wireless speaker technology in the first of two CEDIA Emerging Trends webinars on wireless technologies, Wireless Audio Solutions: Threat or Opportunity?



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