Sitting Here on Capitol Hill…

Dec 17, 2012

"I'm just a bill. Yes, I'm only a bill. And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill."

Raise your hand if you can remember learning the ins and outs of legislation from a cartoon bill singing about his adventures on Capitol Hill. Despite the fact the song was guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day, this School House Rock cartoon did much more than entertain you (or your children) during morning cartoons, it helped spark knowledge and insight on something very important: how laws are made.
As some of you may know, all it takes is one law to drastically change the way your business is run or what you can offer to your clients. But let’s be honest, you can’t track all the legislation on your own, that’s where CEDIA comes into the picture.

To help you understand, we have put together an infographic to help you learn how CEDIA tracks legislation for members to protect the interests of you business.

Click to enlarge

And for those that have never seen the School House Rock segment, click here. We apologize in advance if the tune gets stuck in your head.



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