Notes from the Road: The Post-Election Legislative Outlook

Darren Reaman
Nov 08, 2012

While the dust has begun to settle from the election season, work continues for the upcoming 2013 legislative sessions, which promise to be active. Continuing to build upon CEDIA’s legislative resources is more important than ever.

How CEDIA is Working for You

Following the elections, CEDIA staff have begun to analyze the political landscape of the state legislatures for 2013 and identify any changes in leadership and their impact on upcoming agendas and legislation. The importance of party control in legislatures cannot be overlooked. If one party controls both chambers of a legislature, they can use their majorities to shape policy in line with party philosophy.

We have also begun identifying CEDIA member businesses located in key state legislative districts, which is valuable information to provide legislators throughout the legislative process.

We’ve started to review pre-filed legislation, and in December we will meet with legislative sponsors in key states on past licensing legislation to evaluate its prospects for introduction in 2013. Based on previous state legislative activity, we are also registering to lobby in several states for 2013.

Leading up to the state legislative sessions in January, CEDIA will attend various conferences to help maintain and build relationships with legislators. These relationships allow us to educate legislators about our industry, advocate for supportive policy at each level of government, and provide better defensive action against harmful laws and regulations.

What You Can Do: Sign Up for the Grassroots Network

Nothing can replace the value of your participation in the legislative process. Help CEDIA protect your business by joining the CEDIA Grassroots Legislative Network. In order for your elected officials to understand the complexity of our industry, they need to hear your voice on matters affecting your way of life. When you sign up for the Grassroots Legislative Network, we’ll reach out to you when legislative issues arise in your state and request your assistance in our ensuing actions to protect your business.

Next month we will look at the states and issues we expect to be active in 2013. If you have any questions about CEDIA’s Public Policy efforts, feel free to contact me at dreaman@cedia.org. You can also learn more at www.cedia.net/public_policy.

About Darren Reaman
Darren Reaman is CEDIA's Director of Public Policy. He can be reached at dreaman@cedia.org.



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