Steps 1, 2, and 3 to Mastering the Network

Sep 24, 2012

For the past few years the circles of conversation within the industry has been fueled by the “whys” of the network. Why do you need to know it? Why must you master it? Why is the industry heading in the direction of convergence? You get it, right? It’s important and now it’s time to take action.
But where do you start? Where does your knowledge need to be and what type of training do you need to get a head start? Let’s bring some organization and structure to this important shift in our industry. Here are the steps to take to get introduced to the network, trained on the network, and how to master the network.

1) Get Assessed

By assessing your current strengths, weaknesses, and skills finding your own unique path of training on IP and the network will be simple. Start with the Job Task Analysis (JTA) function. This will help you determine which CEDIA training will address your areas of weakness.

2) Start Your Training

CEDIA offers many online courses and hands-on training opportunities to help you get a firm gasp on navigating, owning, and mastering the network. You can always use your JTA results to help you come up with a custom curriculum, or you can use the general path CEDIA recommends found here.

3) Get the Credential

The new Residential Networking Specialist Credential has been developed by CEDIA to show the industry, homeowners, and potential employers an individual’s mastery of the network. The credential covers major IP and network content arrears including:

  • Network infrastructure (testing and troubleshooting)
  • Network configuration, including VLANs, QoS, security, and remote access
  • Wireless networking technologies, infrastructure and design
  • Network design practice
The credential was rolled out at the 2012 CEDIA EXPO and testing was made available to those wanting to get the credential. CEDIA would like to congratulate the following individuals for passing the inaugural test.

  • Charles Curry, Bekins Inc., Grand Haven, Michigan
  • Dale Wilhelm, Bekins, Inc., Grand Haven, Michigan
  • Mike Engilberger, AV Works Inc., Alberta, Canada
  • Adam Hoehn, Tiny’s Kustomz, Beecher, Illinois
  • John Kerchner, Lifestyle Electronics, Ontario, Canada
  • Michael McIntosh, Machine for Living, Alexandria, Australia
  • Steve Rosenthal, Next Level Technology, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Jason Shaw, Video General Inc., Arlington, Texas

If you want to learn more about the network, the Residential Networking Specialist Credential and how you can take the right steps to master the network, visit www.cedia.net/rnscred.



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