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Matt Scott
Sep 05, 2012

As we approach CEDIA EXPO, I’ve been thinking about the importance of not just the EXPO but the CEDIA association in general. As we all work our schedules around the show, we must ensure that we have everything in place for not only the departure, but also the weeks following the show.

Yes, I know it can be a challenge to get away and MAKE THE TIME to attend a show, even for someone like myself who is a staunch supporter of tradeshows.

Then I have an experience like I had a few weekends ago that reminds me just how important CEDIA is. Let me set the stage for you - my wife Fiona is a real estate agent and was working a newly developed high-rise condo this weekend. She was showing all the models and told me to stop by if I had some time on Saturday. So after walking through a few of the models, she took me to see the home theatre room for all the residents. Now remember that this is a multi-million dollar development, so I was excited to see a really nice little theatre room. Then we opened the door.

Now I know that most of the residents probably love the theatre room and really enjoy using it, but I for one wasn't impressed. You see, the room consisted of three components with IR flashers strewn across the face of the components. There were in-wall speakers and In-ceiling speakers not positioned properly, and worse, not painted to match. The screen consisted of some white paint on the wall outlined with some fake black velvet tape. To top it off, there were two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper outlining how to operate the system. Two pages! Crazy!

This is where my mind went back to CEDIA and the CEDIA EXPO and all the training that CEDIA provides for our industry. You know, when I see installations like this one, it really makes you realize the importance of learning your trade. We don't always see people training up our younger ranks - we see a lot of people who start working in our industry with no training at all, and you never know how much they learn as they progress in their career. But you give these people access to the type of training that CEDIA provides, and you'll see how much their skills are able to progress. That is why CEDIA is so important to our industry and why I always do all I can to utilize CEDIA and all that they provide to our industry.

So pack up the car and get down (or up) to Indy and hang out at CEDIA with me. See you soon!

About Matt Scott
Matt D. Scott is President of OMEGA Audio Video and was a member of the 2012 #CEDIATweeps social media team. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattDScott.



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