Getting Ready to Tackle the Network at #CEDIA12

Jeff Terzo
Jul 30, 2012

The first question I asked myself when registering for training at this year’s CEDIA EXPO was: “Can I design a network that could properly handle the demanding wired and wireless workload of a home today?”

My answer was, “Maybe, but by no means the proper way.”  Then I got to thinking: These are just the products of today. What about all the connected devices of the future?

Then I start to daydream a bit…

Daydream mode: My phone buzzes like it does a hundred times a day. I glance at it and read a text message telling me I better stop to get milk on the way home for the kids.  Funny thing is, this message did not come from my wife but from my refrigerator. Is it weird that my refrigerator is sending me text messages about the milk being low?

Right now, I would have to go with yes…but we are getting there. With networking capabilities, who is to say there can’t be a scale inside the fridge that monitors the weight of the kid’s favorite drink?  The same type of system could easily be implemented for the propane tank on a gas grill. A networked grill? Absolutely! Why should I run out of gas two minutes into cooking the porterhouses I just dropped on? Speaking of gas, why can’t my lawn mower tell me when it needs gas instead of me having to run up the street to fill the can before I cut the grass?

So I figure, these are just a few examples of what the house of the future will look like and why it is imperative to embrace the network. With upwards of 25 billion internet devices expected to be online by 2015, everything imaginable will end up being connected. The writing is on the wall, and in order to remain competitive I must be able to design, install, and sell the proper network.

As you probably guessed by now, my schedule will be filled with network based classes. I hope to see you there. Here is a link for those classes at this year’s CEDIA EXPO.

Remember: Own the network and own the home.

About Jeff Terzo
Jeff Terzo is Regional Sales Manager for RS Pro Sales and was a member of the 2012 #CEDIATweeps social media team. Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jterzo1.



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