The Internet of Things Tastes Delicious

Dave Pedigo
Mar 07, 2012

For quite a while I’ve been speaking of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a global system of inexpensive sensors embedded in nearly every aspect of our lives. While the true the IoT is still years away, some products on the market are showing IoT potential.

Last Friday, I got my hands on a wireless meat thermometer which, through an app, showed me the real-time temperature of my steaks. Despite my love of the grill, I am notorious for either undercooking or overcooking whatever is on it (I have also caught my grill on fire, and I mean an Eddie Murphy “Now that’s a fire!” type of fire). Bobby Flay I am not.

On Saturday I bought a few steaks, jabbed them with a couple of probes, threw them on the grill and cooked away. The process was very simple: I could check the temperature of the meat, and the alarm on my phone went off at the desired temperature. I’m a medium rare guy, whereas my wife and kids prefer medium. Since there were two probes, I was able to cook both steaks to perfection.

To be clear, this post is not a product review; as a trade association, reviews are not something we do. The purpose of this post is to show that IP and IP-enabled devices (or in this case, Bluetooth) are finding their way into every aspect of our lives, for better or worse. It seems nearly every product we touch will eventually have some form of Internet connection. Whether this is good for humanity is debatable, but it sure makes a delicious New York strip.

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