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Home Theater Boot Camp

August 8-10, 2019
Indianapolis, Indiana

Bring the Home Theater to Life

Get the skills you need to be effective and efficient on the home theater jobsite with CEDIA’s Home Theater Boot Camp. This advanced, three-day training provides a comprehensive overview of the home theater process from installation to calibration. You’ll walk away with the knowledge and skills you need to participate in what is the largest revenue-generating category in the industry. Propel your career with the skills to properly install, set up, and calibrate a home theater or media room system.


Upon completion of the course, attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the digital and analog signals and formats currently used in audio and video systems and how they are processed and used within the system
  • Describe the function of various audio and video interconnects
  • Understand the basics of room acoustics, acoustical treatment, and sound transmission issues
  • Install components in a professional rack configuration, taking into consideration thermal management and ergonomics
  • Utilize proper documentation and labeling of the installation
  • Install and mount a projector, flat-panel display, and loudspeakers according to recognized industry standards (CEDIA Advanced Residential Electronic Systems and CEA/CEDIA Recommended Practices) 
  • Perform basic audio and video calibration to ensure optimum system performance


Several hours of hands-on lab activities are included. Students will mount and install components (including a flat-panel television and projector), properly place and connect speakers and subwoofers, hang acoustic treatments, and calibrate audio and video.


This three-day learning opportunity is recommended for those who already have a basic knowledge of the home theater concept and the equipment needed to deliver the cinema experience.


In addition to the printed course guidebook, participants will also receive a copy of the CEDIA Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems book ($110 value).

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