As the world adapts to a new – well, anything but “normal,” but certainly a new reality, there’s a lot of info popping up in various places – some solid and reputable, some not-so-much.

We’ve begun compiling links and resources. The list will be updated regularly.

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Guidance for Employers

Guidance for Employees and Self-Employed
Work From Home Tips

Health Resources

WHO's Guidelines: Resources, guidance, and tips from the World Health Organization.

CDC's Guidelines: Resources, guidance, and tips from the Center for Disease Control.

Coronavirus.gov: A one stop shop for everything you need to know about COVID-19.

Guidance for Employers


WHO's Guidelines: Tips and resources for getting your workplaces ready for COVID-19.


European Commission Guidelines: Commission sets out European coordinated response to counter the economic impact of COVID-19. 


CISA's Workforce GuidanceGuidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.

CDC's Business Guidelines: The CDC has a list or resources and tips for your business to plan, prepare, and respond to coronavirus disease 2019.

SBA's Guidance for Businesses and Employers
: The U.S. Small Business Administration is going to be your best friend. When faced with a business need like you currently might be, use the SBA’s Local Assistance Directory to locate the office nearest you.

SBA Low-Interest Federal Disaster Loans:
The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the COVID-19. 

Faegre Drinker Employer Action Guide
: CEDIA’s law firm has a basket of resources on the subject, including a valuable employer action guide which answers about any employment law question you might have. 

U.S. DOL's Resources: The US Department of Labor has developed a resource list for how companies can prepare their workplace for COVID-19.

OSHA's GuidelinesOSHA has developed this interim guidance to help prevent worker exposure to COVID-19.

CIDRAP's Guidelines: The University of Minnesota is doing solid work with its Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, and these pages are a great repository of links from both the US and UK.

Financial Resources

A 35-page, section-by-section summary of the CARES Act – more than $2 trillion in relief from the economic damage caused by COVID -- can be found here.

Business owners can apply for a slate of long-term, low-interest loans (including Business Physical Disaster Loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loans) through the SBA by clicking here.

Non business owners who have been impacted by the pandemic may also qualify for Home and Personal Property Loans.


UK Government GuidelinesGuidance for employees, employers and businesses in providing advice about COVID-19.

UK Government advice on work carried out in people's homes.

Financial Support for UK Businesses: The Chancellor has set out a package of temporary, timely and targeted measures to support people and businesses.

A Summary of the available funding 
from UK Chartereed Accountants and CEDIA
Member, Moore Thompson.

Start an application for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan scheme and explore the currently accredited lenders.

Advice on managing cashflow during the outbreak from CEDIA Member Crisp Accountancy.


Faegre Drinker Employer Action GuideCEDIA’s law firm has a basket of resources on the subject, including a valuable employer action guide which answers about any employment law question you might have. 

HOMS Guidelines
: This law firm with offices in London and Ireland has a list of practical steps for employers.


Canadian Government Guidelines: Guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

CTC Guidelines
: The Canadian Trade Commission on business resources.

CCOC Guide: Canadian Chamber of Commerce is offering a Pandemic Preparedness Guide.

CFIB Guide: Canadian Federation of Independent Business is offering an all-encompassing guide on support and prevention for COVID-19.


Australia Government Information: Coronavirus information and support for Australia businesses.

Small Business Development Information: Coronavirus stimulus package related to small businesses.

Australian Taxation Office Information: COVID-19 FAQ’s for Employers including Fringe Benefits Tax; Super Guarantee Obligations; Employees temporarily working overseas & Employees temporarily working in Australia.


The Mexican Ministry of Health InformationHere you will find important information about COVID-19, as well as resources to help your business.



Indian Government Info: Important updates and press releases regarding COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health.

DD News' Presser Summary: Notes on the Finance Minister announcing relief measures relating to statutory and regulatory compliance matters across sectors.

COVID-19 Presser HighlightsKey highlights of from the Finance Minister's announcements on ITR, GST, banking and others.

Guidance for Employees


U.S. Unemployment Benefits: For employees who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, filing for unemployment benefits could be the next step. Eligibility is determined by the requirements of individual states, which have their own unemployment insurance programs. You must choose your state to find out specific requirements.


UK Government guidance on employee rights and responsibilities.

Absence from work and isolation notices: Advice on how to access evidence for work absence has now been included in guidance for employees, employers and businesses details here and on online isolation note on providing proof of coronavirus absence from work that can be accessed here.

Guidance on financial support for the self-employed for the UK government

Remote Working Tips

NPR's Tips: NPR has a short list of tips to make working from home work for you.

Guardian's Tips: Stuck at home? Guardian has list of tips to emotionally prepare for the coronavirus lock-down.

Google Resources: Google has a list of free tools and resources you can use to stay connected and productive.

Work From Home tips from experienced remote working team and CEDIA Member, designflow.

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