Free Business Education for CEDIA Members

In a small business, efficiency is critical. Every hour of your time and every dollar you put into the business has to provide value—anything less is waste.

CEDIA is committed to helping you create efficiencies in your business so you can spend more time doing the things that are important to you.

If you are looking to find efficiencies and reduce your operating costs, your first stop is free online training for CEDIA members. We invite you to take advantage of these recommended online training offerings. As part of your CEDIA membership, these webinars are free—along with many more resources.

If you have not renewed your membership to continue accessing these and many other benefits. Renew at cedia.net/renew, or contact us at member@cedia.org with your questions.

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Membership FAQs

Questions about the process? Check these FAQs and find out how to get the answers you need.


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