CEDIA Electronic Systems Certified Networking Specialist (ESC-N)

Formerly Residential Networking Specialist credential

Demonstrate mastery of design, installation, and configuration of the home network

Virtually all technologies in the home are becoming part of the home network. If you think you’ve mastered the fundamentals of residential networking, including infrastructure, design, and configuration, then consider taking the CEDIA Electronic Systems Certified Networking Specialist (ESC-N) exam.

Electronic systems technicians who are prepared to take the ESC-N exam have experience with wireless home networking, including advanced networking techniques such as VLANS, QoS, and remote access.

CEDIA recommends passing the ESC-T exam and having at least two years of networking experience in the residential field before taking the ESC-N exam.

Want to get started on your path to ESC-N certification?  Use the following resources to help you prepare:

Pre-Test Assessment
Job Task Analysis (PDF)
Exam Preparation Resource Guide (PDF)
Advanced Residential Electronic Systems Book


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