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New CEDIA White Paper Keys in on Cabling

Dan McGowan
May 21, 2019

FISHERS, Indiana (May 21, 2019) - CEDIA has released its latest white paper, which explores the ever-changing universe of cabling for home technology professionals. Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data and Video takes a deep dive into applications, standards, and recommendations for uses of a variety of cable families.

"This white paper takes care to break down -- in great detail -- the various media and their potential use cases... Important information that integrators need to know," CEDIA Senior Director of Technology and Standards Walt Zerbe said. "Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data, and Video aims to demystify infrastructure cabling in all manner of residential projects. From the history and properties of each medium to advice on future-proofing, this paper is broad-reaching."

Focus areas include cable geometry, shielding, power, applications, and certification. Three cable families -- balanced twisted pair, optical fiber, and coaxial cable families -- are examined in Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data and Video. The white paper, which was crafted with contributions from CEDIA Director of Technical Research David Meyer and CEDIA volunteers, also includes a supplemental overview of cable jacket fire ratings.

"The latest global standards for residential infrastructure cabling go far beyond what many integrators are currently pulling through homes," says Meyer. "As a key component to any building, integrators need to get infrastructure cabling right to ensure an upgrade path for faster network and video demands. The information contained in this white paper will help them do that."

In-depth white papers are one element of CEDIA's efforts to help busy home technology professionals more easily understand constantly-evolving technologies and industry standards. So far this year, CEDIA has released Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data and Video, An Integrators Guide to Video: Resolution, and Securing the Residential Network. Three more white papers are slated to debut by year's end.

The May 24th edition of the CEDIA Podcast, titled "All About Cabling," will feature Future Ready Solutions and Bodley and Associates President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Bodley, the 2017 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.




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