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New CEDIA White Paper Focuses on Video Resolution

Dan McGowan
Jan 24, 2019

FISHERS, Indiana (JANUARY 24, 2019) - CEDIA released a new white paper today examining the often-complicated subject of video resolution. The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution is designed to help guide CEDIA members through the selection, presentation, and consumer description processes for video display and presentation.

“With display technologies changing so rapidly, it was a great time to dive into this subject,” said CEDIA Senior Director of Technology and Standards Walt Zerbe. “As home technology professionals, we assume we intimately understand everything about resolution, but The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution brings some interesting facts and discussion points you may not have considered or previously understood.”

The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution covers video resolution fundamentals and applications, as well as the technical progression of Ultra High Definition, 4K, and 8K.

The new white paper -- the second in the three-part Integrator’s Guide to Video series that includes An Integrator’s Guide to HDR Video -- is another component of CEDIA’s strategic focus on breaking down complex and ever-changing technologies and standards into easier-to-digest concepts for busy professionals in the home technology channel. CEDIA is slated to debut six white papers in 2019.

CEDIA members can download The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution at no cost in our Resource Library. White papers can be purchased by non-members for $99.




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