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CEDIA Introduces New Tools to Help Integrators Market Their Certifications

Aug 17, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS (August 17, 2017) - CEDIA has created a new set of tools to help integrators market their certifications to both homeowners and to their fellow industry professionals. Part of the new tool kit that CEDIA has emailed to all certified professionals is a new set of CEDIA Certification logos for all levels of certification including: CEDIA Electronic Systems Certified (ESC), CEDIA Certified Technician (ESC-T), CEDIA Certified Networking Specialist (ESC-N), and CEDIA Certified Designer (ESC-D).   

Another important component of the tool kit that CEDIA is providing to certified professionals is access to digital badges through BadgeCert. Through this program, digital certification badges can be easily added to email signatures, LinkedIn accounts, websites, and other social media platforms. Clicking on a digital badge allows clients to verify the current status and expiration date of an individual certification and see what knowledge and skills it represents.

"CEDIA professionals work very hard to earn and maintain their certification and we have been looking for new ways to help them elevate this accomplishment," said David Whitney, CEDIA Certification Manager. "We are very excited to be able roll out both the new certification logos and the digital badging program right before CEDIA 2017."

In addition to the new logos and the digital badge program, each CEDIA Certified professional has received marketing collateral that outlines why a homeowner should hire a CEDIA Certified professional. Email communication has been sent to all current CEDIA Certified professionals outlining these new tools and how to use them. 

Individuals interested in pursuing CEDIA certifications can find out more about each certification, the suggested course requirements, and the job task analysis at www.cedia.net/certification. Certification review sessions as well as exams will be available at CEDIA 2017. Attendees interested in registering for these sessions can visit www.cedia.net/show




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