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CEDIA Releases Telepresence White Paper

May 01, 2013

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CEDIA Releases Telepresence White Paper 
Telepresence Opportunities for Home Technology Professionals Available now


INDIANAPOLIS (May 1, 2013) —Technology and demand for telepresence are increasing within the residential space. 3.1 million people* consider home their primary place of work**. CEDIA is keeping members on the forefront of this opportunity by offering a new white paper to guide home technology professionals in the installation of these high performance systems.

As technologies have evolved, video communications have moved from a static, blurry, delayed video conferencing system to a form that is more advanced. The advanced form is often called “telepresence video conferencing” and refers to the highest levels of video communications that employ improved reliability of both sight and sound, creating the illusion of being physically present. Telepresence is not easy to achieve. It requires expert implementation of the human sensory qualities of audio, video, and environment.

“Video conferencing systems, from class rooms to board rooms, have long been a staple for commercial technology integrators. The demand for high performance video conferencing systems is now reaching into the residential market. This is where CEDIA professionals can step in to greatly improve collaboration and productivity for their clients,” said Rich Green, CEDIA Technology Council Chair and President of Rich Green Design. “The CEDIA white paper on residential telepresence will introduce home technology professionals to new technologies in this developing market and help them get started with the design and installation of telepresence systems in their client’s homes.”

The white paper, Telepresence Opportunities for Home Technology Professionals discusses room layout, data sharing, acoustics, and other essential elements that are needed to create a high performance residential environment. CEDIA members may access their complimentary copy through the CEDIA Marketplace, non-members may purchase a copy for $9.99 in the CEDIA Marketplace. 

*(not including the self-employed or unpaid volunteers)

**Global Workplace Analytics. (2011, June). The State of Telework in the U.S. website: http://www.globalworkplaceanalytics.com/telecommuting-statistics




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