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This white paper is part of the Integrator’s Guide to Video series. It focuses on the fundamentals of video resolution, as well as which formats and devices to use for a given application. Its purpose is to assist the technology integrator in selecting the right components and technologies for video display and presentation.

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While we spend most of our time indoors under artificial lighting, what do we know about light and its effect on the human body in our homes and offices? This white paper not only answers this question but also defines what human centric lighting and color temperature are and outlines what CEDIA members and installers need to consider with each topic.
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This paper explores the fundamentals of HDR video and how it relates to human vision, and underlines HDR standards, formats and connectivity to ensure compatible system design and integration.

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The objective of this document is to explore and define color perception and color video reproduction. This includes an overview of the relationship between the color space, gamut and depth, as well as brightness, contrast and gamma.

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HDCP 2.2 is built upon the foundation of HDCP 2.0/2.1, tailored for HDMI and several other modern digital interfaces. It’s more secure, but also more restrictive and complex. This paper explores the evolution of HDCP, the differences between versions, and takes a very technical deep-dive into how it works.

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HDCP 2.2 is the latest version in this ubiquitous copy protection system. It’s more secure, but also more restrictive and complex. This paper explores the evolution of HDCP, the differences between versions, and how it works. Tailored as a technical edit to inform and assist the Home Technologist.

Price: $99.00

HDCP 2.2 is the latest copy protection system, synonymous with UHD/4K content. It’s more secure, but there’s many catches in system design and compatibility. This paper cuts to the chase, focusing on what the Home Technologist needs to know in system design, with a symptom-solution guide to troubleshooting.

Price: $99.00

The rise and fall of the sun creates different color temperatures throughout the day - but this natural cycle of change has been interrupted with indoor artificial light. The science of bio-adaptive lighting shows great promise and represents an emerging opportunity for home technology professionals.

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El libro blanco “Profesionales de las tecnologías del hogar de 2020: Predicciones del Mercado” fue desarrollado por el Consejo de Tecnología de CEDIA para ayudar a comprender los avances tecnológicos y las presiones del mercado que afectarán a nuestros profesionales de tecnologías del hogar durante los próximos cinco años. Este es el primero de una serie de libros blancos que se publicarán durante 2016.

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