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Network Security Best Practices White Paper

This white paper establishes best practices for implementing wireless local area network (WLAN) security in a residential environment based on the IEEE 802.11x and 802.3 standards. This document makes the assumption that a router is used between the WAN (The Internet) and LAN (Local Area Network). This can be in the form of a DSL modem/router or a router connected to a cable modem.

Network security is covered in three parts:

  • Securing the router from WAN (Internet) attack
  • Securing any wireless networks
  • Securing the LAN and individual devices

This document is not a complete guide to network security, but rather a guide for a pragmatic approach.

Written by CEDIA Technology Council.

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Summary Network security must be addressed by every home technology professioanl who has responsibility for their clients’ networks. By following these guidelines, HTPs can decrease the likelihood that potential attackers will attempt an attack on a client’s network, and in some cases can prevent attackers from even knowing the network exists.
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