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CEA/CEDIA-CEB22: Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design

This recommended practice provides a baseline for the design and installation of residential spaces to be used for home theater or multi-channel music playback. While the focus of these two applications is home theater audio design, many of the practices are applicable to multi-purpose, two-channel and other acoustic spaces. This document was created by the joint ANSI CEA/CEDIA R10 Residential Systems Committee and includes references to industry standards, practices, and recommendations published by other relevant bodies, as well as commonly accepted commercial practices now regarded as “de facto standards' in the audio industry. With this document, industry professionals will gain more knowledge about the recommended practices for audio design in high performance home theaters.



Performance Objectives for Audio 
A Procedure for Achieving Objectives 

Loudspeaker Layout 
Loudspeaker Layout Objectives 
Figure 1 - Angular ranges 
Loudspeaker Layout Guidelines 

Seating Layout 
Seating Layout Objectives 
Figure 2 - Seating locations 
Seating Layout Guidelines 

Low Frequency Room Optimization
Figure 3 - Subwoofer arrangements 
Low Frequency Room Objective 
Low Frequency Room Guidelines 
Alternative Methods 

Sound Isolation 
Table 1 – Transmission Loss values and typical construction 
Sound Isolation Objectives 
Sound Isolation Guidelines 
Wall Construction Guidelines 
Flanking Path Guidelines 
Figure 4 - Theater entrance anteroom 

Interior Acoustical Treatment of Rooms
Reverberation Time Objectives 
Reverberation Time Guidelines 
Acoustical Materials Placement Objectives 
Figure 5 - Suggestions for interior acoustical treatment 
Acoustical Materials Placement Guidelines 
Acoustical Materials and Devices Guidelines
Flutter Echoes Objectives and Guidelines
Rattles Objectives and Guidelines
Background Noise Objectives
Table 2 - Background noise level objectives
Background Noise Guidelines

Audio System Component Location and Installation
Audio System Component Objectives
Front Loudspeaker Placement and Installation Guidelines
Subwoofer Placement and Installation Guidelines
Side and Rear Speaker Placement Guidelines
Baffle Mounting Guidelines

Additional Resources

Appendix 1: Recommended Approach to Optimizing Multiple Subwoofers in Rooms
with Multiple Seats 
Table A-1 – Optimization procedure selection criteria 
Positional Optimization 
Figure A-1 - Subwoofer configurations 
Figure A-2 - Floor plan 
Positional/Dimensional Optimization 
Figure A-3 - Predicted MSV, seating in room center 
Figure A-4 - Predicted MSV, seating in room back 
Advanced Optimization

Appendix 2: Calculating Reverberation Time Using the Classic Sabine Equation
Appendix 3: Wall and Ceiling Construction 
Framing Techniques 
Drywall Isolation Techniques 
Floor Isolation Techniques

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This recommended practice outlines recommendations for the audio design of high performance home theaters. Home technology professionals follow these practices, where applicable, to deliver high value to dedicated home theater environments, helping ensure full performance potential for the equipment and the room.

Published March 2009.

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