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Designer: Home Theater Audio & Acoustics Part I (ESD301)

Dr. Floyd Toole will teach you the basics of sound, such as transmission and reflection in rooms, and using their size and shape to calculate performance.

CEU Value: 3.0

To excel as a designer, you must thoroughly understand audio and acoustics. And there’s no better person to learn from than industry luminary Dr. Floyd Toole, the man who has literally written the book on audio and acoustics. In the first course in this comprehensive three-part series, Dr. Toole will explain the basic dimensions of sound so you are able to deliver the best possible results with your surround sound system designs. Topics include the basics of sound and sound reproduction, sound transmission and reflection in rooms, and using room size and shape to predict performance.

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Fundamentals of Home Theater Design (ESD131)

Study the essentials of home theater design, including important concepts such as recommended practices, room layout, and audio/video configuration.

CEU Value: 3.0