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Network Specialist: Advanced Networking Concepts Workshop

A home network: the heartbeat of the home. As essential as it is to maintain the health of the heart, so too is it essential to understand and maintain the foundation of your client’s integrated system. CEDIA understands how important proper setup and configuration is — for years we we have offered hands-on networking training to ensure that your business has the necessary and proper tools.

To complement our ongoing training, CEDIA offers a multi-day compilation boot camp providing all of the skills and knowledge necessary to install and manage an integrated home through a high performance, residential IP network. During this two-day workshop, networking concepts such as virtual local area networks (VLANs) and virtual private networks (VPNs) will be discussed, conceptualized and implemented. You can look forward to classroom lectures, demonstrations and more than eight in-depth, hands-on lab exercises.

Computer Required
Students must bring a PC (or Mac with Boot Camp or parallels) on Win7, Win10 or later to be able to complete all of the activities during class.


Day One
On day one, you dive into intermediate networking concepts. This includes accessing a network from the internet, documenting your client’s network, security, performance and protocols. After demonstrating an understanding of these concepts through lab exercises, learners will transition to advanced wireless concepts including types of hardware, designing and planning a wireless network and working with quality of service in a wireless environment. Demonstrations and lab exercises will reinforce the wireless discussion.

Day Two
On day two, we will transition to remote access, including concepts such as port forwarding and VPNs. Attendees will participate in lab exercises related to these concepts. Two types of VLANs will be discussed, and will include lab exercises. Discussion will then move to Quality of Service, as well as how to implement a VLAN with QoS successfully.
This boot camp is not for beginners; it is imperative that learners have a fundamental understanding of networking and IP before registering for this class – it is recommended that participants have several months of experience as well. CEDIA offers this supporting, fundamental training in the online courses Network Cabling Infrastructure, IP for Technicians, and Wireless Network Technologies . Additionally, attendees should also have some experience successfully configuring a basic residential router and access point.
The advanced networking material presented during the boot camp supports the CEDIA Electronic System Certified - Networking Specialist credential.

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