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Technician: CEDIA New Hire Training Track

If you are searching for comprehensive training for your new hire to supplement their on-the-job experience, look no further than CEDIA’s New Hire Training Track! For a discounted price, your new hire will have instant access to 10 eCourses that cover the broad scope of the residential electronics system industry. It is recommended for new technicians, but is highly applicable to anyone who is new to the industry or who would benefit from better understanding the industry.

This package is available only to members and is offered at an additional discount compared to purchasing courses separately.

Topics include:

  • Residential networking
  • Customer relations
  • Industry specific math applications
  • Cabling terminology and infrastructure
  • Retrofit etiquette and techniques
  • Video and audio technologies
  • Home theater design
  • Troubleshooting


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Class Schedule for CEDIA New Hire Training Track
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Calendar October 2018
10/4/2018 eCourse