CEDIA Certification

CEDIA CertificationCEDIA certifications demonstrate your skills as a home technology professional and establish you as a credible partner to potential clients. 

A recent consumer survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builder (NAHB)* found that over 70 percent of home buyers agree that contractors with specialized designations are more professional and credible, provide better quality work and craftsmanship, provide better service levels, and are more reliable. 

Not only that, but professional designations can help your bottom line. The same NAHB study indicated that 64 percent of home buyers agree specialized contractors are worth paying a higher price for. 

CEDIA Certifications help consumers find you. Companies with certified professionals benefit from enhanced premium listings on the CEDIA Finder Service, which receives over 40,000 searches annually. 

CEDIA provides professional certifications for every skill level, from industry veterans to career-changers.

Available Certifications:

  • The CEDIA Gateway Certification is for individuals who work in the residential electronics industry and want to broaden their knowledge in all aspects of the residential channel. Candidates may be students or career-changers entering the industry, or current industry professionals seeking a foundational credential.

  • The CEDIA Certified Professional Electronic Systems Technician (EST) II is well versed in all rough-in and trim-out tasks as well as retrofit installation, component installation and troubleshooting. This certification covers the technical expertise that forms the foundation of the residential systems industry.

  • The CEDIA Certified Professional Electronic Systems Designer is an individual who communicates with clients as well as design and installation professionals. This person selects the appropriate products and materials to be used in integrated residential systems, including alarm, telephone, data, audio, video, home theater, HVAC, and lighting control.

  • The CEDIA Residential Networking Specialist is an individual who has mastery of designing, installing and configuring a network in the home. 

  • The CEDIA Structured Cabling Assessor is an individual with the necessary training and qualification to assess residential cabling and issue a CEDIA certificate of conformity for the home. Offered by CEDIA EMEA.

*Source: NAHB. (2012). What Home Buyers Really Want. 89-90.

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