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Electronics Installation Technician

Dec 22, 2017
Bekins, Inc.
Coopersville, MI

Job Description:
Full Time - 
The Electronics Installation Technician works directly with our customers to apply the latest integrated electronics to their lives.  Techs are responsible for the installation, maintenance, management, repair and programming of sophisticated electronic equipment including home theater and media rooms, whole home audio, automated lighting, motorized shades, thermostat control, acoustical design and engineering, wireless speakers and home audio integration.  

This position works directly with the customer in their home to provide exceptional customer service, leaving a positive impression of Bekins with the customer, contractor and any other workers on the project.  Technicians also spend some days working from their desks writing programming or providing network system support.

Knowledge and Skills:  
• Ability to read and interpret blueprints, wiring schematics, hardware specifications and technical manuals
• Above average mathematical problem solving skills
• Professional and efficient installation methods, per specifications and operational procedures
• Projection of a professional image of yourself and Bekins through significant exposure to the customer
• Ability to locate malfunctioning circuits, components, etc., and determine a method of repair
• Utilization of power tools to repair, install, test and align integrated electronic systems
• Safe ladder use when lifting and climbing ladders to install and repair 
• Communication skills to clearly and concisely explain systems to customers – training them in how to use their new products

The Successful Candidate Will:
• Have an interest in the latest electronic products, systems, devices and tools
• Find enjoyment in helping the customer get the right product installed and programmed to their specifications and preferences
• Have an aptitude for detailed work
• Be proficient in network troubleshooting / network system support / setting up of and connecting to networks
• Be proficient in WatchGuard, DNS, DHCP, domains, subnets and VLANs
• Be proficient in setting up of apps
• Be proficient in Windows Server, OS, Hyper-V and RDS
• Be thorough and consistent in documenting work performed on appropriate forms 
• Adhere to the Bekins 3 Pillars of Success – Preparation, Paperwork and Performance
• Do it right the first time
• Safely travel to worksites – maintain equipment, vehicles, and work areas in a clean and professional manner

Preferred Certifications:
CEDIA Certified Electronics Systems Technician

To Apply:
Submit application on our website at www.bekins.us

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