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Salesperson/ Home Systems Designer

Nov 17, 2017
eDesign Group, Inc.
Maui, HI

Job Description:
Full Time - 
High-end home automation company on Maui seeks a full-time, experienced salesperson / systems designer for our growing company, eDesign Group, Inc. This is a salary + commissions position. The right hire will have enough technical knowledge of the home automation industry to speak eloquently about it, work comfortably with high-net clients, and put together functional proposals. Therefore, the right person will be both an outgoing salesperson (personable, professional, clean, well-spoken, driven, self-motivated, high-energy, etc.) and a techy systems designer (knowledge of the industry and the products, ability to work unsupervised and put in the time on a computer to manufacture excellent proposals for clients, get them signed, and integrate them back into the working team of technicians). Duties also include having periodic eyes on the job -- meeting contractors on-site, checking on the progress of the installers on-site, follow-up meetings with clients, etc. Once a sales proposal/contract has been agreed upon, duties include passing on the full details of the project to our full-time Projects Manager for execution and follow-through with clients (our Projects Manager engages, schedules, and manages our full-time team of installers as well as problem-solving all the variables and concerns that come up through the course of a client project). He would be working closely together with the right candidate to make sure the project is finished on time or before, at budget or under budget.

The right client will be professional, a good communicator, responsible, driven, hard-working, knowledgeable, and experienced in the home-automation industry.

If interviewed, expect to be quizzed on your industry and product knowledge.
If interested, please send a resume with all pertinent information.

To Apply:
Email with your resume.

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