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CEDIA Home Technology Professional Award Winners

Best Home Theater Winners

Level I
$100,000 & Under

AV Prestige - Puebla, Mexico

This theater has a 4K projector and Dolby Atmos immersive audio surround system, controlled by an iPad/iPhone interface.  With six dimmable lighting circuits and acoustic treatments the room delivers both aesthetic and technical excellence.

Level II
$100,000 - $200,000

Electronics Design Group, Inc. - Piscataway, New Jersey | USA

This room is a sound isolated home theater with a 4K projector and curved anamorphic screen, calibrated to ISF and THX standards. The theater includes full stretched fabric to hide all acoustic treatments in order to provide a beautiful theater that performs as designed.

Level III
$200,000 - $450,000

Twilight Solutions - Walnut Creek, California | USA

This home theater provides both acoustic isolation and treatment to ensure proper sound reproduction.  The video includes a 133" rear projector screen with anti-reflective coating.  The overall system control includes lighting design featuring 14 separate zones and over 40 individual fixtures.

Level IV
$450,000 & Over

PMI, Ltd. - Novato, California | USA

The room construction on this project was designed for a STC of 65 or better.  This theater includes an acoustically transparent screen with 4-way masking variable aspect ratio to ensure content is viewed as intended by the director. 

Best Integrated Home Winners

Level I
100,000 & Under

AV Prestige - Puebla, Mexico

This integrated home was designed with one goal in mind - total control from a mobile device.  Some of the products controlled include, spa, fountains, lighting, distributed video, distributed audio, and access control.

Level II
$100,000 - $200,000

Advanced Technologies - Baton Rouge, LA | USA

This installation was designed with sustainability and ease of use in mind and includes scheduled lighting and AV with one-button touch control. There are more than 10 zones of lighting, more than 6 zones of distributed audio, networking, CCTV, lawn and garden, and distributed video.

Level III
$200,000 - $500,000

New Space Technologies - Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

This is a fully automated home can be controlled via smart phone, tablet, key pad or handheld remote.  A carefully developed user interface provides fast access to commonly used features and the ability to drill deeper when needed. This project has more than 10 zones of HVAC, lighting, distributed audio, security, shading and CCTV, as well as more than 6 zones of distributed video.  

Level IV
$500,000 & Over

La Scala Integrated Media - Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

This installation has a custom user interface using smart graphics. It includes more than 10 zones of HVAC, lighting control, distributed audio and video, security and CCTV, shading and networking and over 3 zones of pool and spa control.

Best Media Room Winner

La Scala Integrated Media - Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

This project included a custom made 156" curved screen and a 3-chip high-contrast projector with anamorphic lens. 4 subwoofers ensure uniform bass coverage and stretch fabric hides up to 4" of absorption and diffusion allowing for precise acoustic response.

Best Innovative Solution Winner

Union Place, Inc. - Excelsior, Minnesota | USA

This project integrated state-of-the-art technology into an existing historic home.  The project required a unique lighting solution that maintained the historic look and feel by installing reproductions of antique push buttons for total lighting control.


Best Wiring Documentation
La Scala Integrated Media - Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

This entry included a very detailed set of floor plans, rack elevation diagrams, system block diagrams and schematics. There are 16 pages of specific cable and labeling schedules to ensure that all cables are installed in the proper location and labeled according to the design. The documentation also includes a full suite of elevation views showing final equipment placement, as well as pre and post audio and video calibration reports.

Best Audio Video Documentation
PMI, Ltd. - Novato, California | USA

This entry included CAD drawings for every aspect of this project. The documentation included detailed sound isolation requirements, HVAC isolation and damping, precise lighting locations, as well as accurate viewing angles for each row of seats. The extreme amount of detail included diagrams showing how to attach speaker wires inside stretch fabric walls, the precise locations of all acoustical materials, detailed pre and post audio and video calibration reports, and full rack elevation diagrams.


Established in 2006, the prestigious CEDIA EMEA Awards celebrate excellence in home technology design, installation and integration across the EMEA region (the UK, Europe, Africa, the CIS & Russia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan).

Setting the standard for industry professionals across CEDIA EMEA, these stunning projects are the creme de la creme of smart home installations.


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2015 Home Technology Professional Finalists


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