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Owner: Recurring Revenue (Part 6 of 6): Gaining Client Acceptance of Service Contracts Webinar

Not sure where you need to focus to make sure you're GDPR compliant? This 30 minute webinar takes you through the most important elements of the regulation, and shows you how to get started on making sure you're compliant. The GDPR is a complex regulation and it can be difficult to navigate, this webinar gives you a sensible, practical structure to follow in order to understand what your business needs to prioritise.

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Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) is a concept we are all familiar. The benefits are undeniable – establishes long-term relationships with your clients, boosts customer satisfaction, creates a steady cash flow, and increases the value of your business. But, it’s not that simple because there is not a one-size-fits-all business model to follow. Every company must find the mix that works best for them and their customers.

To position your business for success, you must add RMR to your business model. In this Business Toolkit Series of webinars, we will provide a forum for idea sharing and learning to guide you through the process of developing a RMR program. The information will be delivered straight from other home technology professionals through conversations facilitated by Leslie Shiner of The ShinerGroup.

There is no sure-thing, step-by-step guide to designing, implementing, and maintaining a RMR program. But you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you currently offer RMR or need to get started, attend this webinar series so you can make educated decisions by learning from others.

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