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Business Growth: Winning Business Secrets & Mistakes to Avoid (ESB0005)

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how other business owners are tackling similar issues you are facing? This panel discussion was held at CEDIA 2013.

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Maximizing productivity and profitability−as a business owner it’s what you strive to do every day. You’re constantly assessing how to improve your business model, considering new product to add, or tweaking your service offerings. You often wonder if your margins are right, if your bonus structure is best, and if your financials tell you what you need to know. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how others do it?

During this recorded session, a panel of your home technology professional peers present their business successes, regrets, and lessons learned. There is no glossing over the details−get the inside scoop about what’s gone right and how they did it, to what went wrong and how you can avoid the same. You’ll take away new ideas, tips, and solutions to improve your business and the confidence that you’re on the right track.

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