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Lighting Design: The Finishing Touch on a Great Theater Project (ESD041.B)

Join one of the top theater designers in the world for a class that takes the aesthetic appeal of your theaters to the next level!

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Theo Kalomirakis
Theo Kalomirakis Theaters

Theo Kalomirakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He studied film making at the Athens Film School and directed his first short feature with a grant from the Fulbright Foundation. The film and consecutive ones he made won a number of prizes in international film festivals and secured for Theo a scholarship at New York University. Theo graduated from NUY with a Masters' Degree in Film and Television, but decided not to pursue the career of a filmmaker. Instead he became an acclaimed art director first for Time Warner and later on for Forbes Inc. After designing and building a private theater in his own residence, he realized that this could be the beginning of a new era of home entertainment. In 1989 Theo launched his own company designing private theaters for affluent individuals around the world. Today Theo is recognized internationally as "the father of Home Theater", industry that he helped inspire and define with his award-winning private entertainment environments.

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